June 25, 2019 2:00PM to 3:00PM

Empower Your Organization to Purchase Power on Your Terms


Freezers full of inventory hold stable temperatures longer because there is more thermal mass in the room, but that thermal mass is constantly being moved out and mass of varying temperatures is being added. What if you could install permanent thermal mass that absorbs 300 times more heat than food without losing valuable storage space in your freezer? What if there was an intelligent system that could safely manage how and when heat is absorbed or removed from the room to minimize energy costs? How could you leverage that flexibility to improve your purchasing power with your power provider?

Learn how Thermal Energy Storage (TES) systems add intelligence and thermal mass to safely extend the benefits of floating (or flywheeling) up to 13 hours, decrease total energy consumption 15-35%, and add three times longer temperature resiliency to freezers.

Hear about a utility-sponsored program that fully funded eight Viking Cold TES system installations for the world’s largest third-party cold storage company, the world’s largest foodservice distributor, numerous frozen food processing companies, and a non-profit.

Understand how cold storage operators can be empowered to change their energy purchasing strategies that could fundamentally change energy cost structures across the organization.

Presenter Collin Coker, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Viking Cold Solutions
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