October 09, 2019 1:00PM to 2:00PM


Understanding and Mitigating Humidity in Refrigerated Spaces


Humidity has wide-ranging negative effects on a refrigerated facility; some obvious and while others may not manifest until after the damage is done. Humidity can affect everything from product degradation, worker safety, damage to the building, premature wear to critical capital equipment, and increased operating costs from poorly operating equipment. There are ways to control humidity, though, and many times steps can be taken to minimize the effect on the facility or product by modifying processes, behaviors, or existing capital equipment. Even if these mitigating steps don’t completely solve the problem, they could reduce the size and cost of surefire dehumidification equipment. In this webinar we’ll walk through a number of steps a building owner or operator can take to solve or reduce the negative effects of humidity on their facility.


Presenter Dan Dettmers,  Sales Engineer at Quest/Therma-Stor
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