For the second time, the WFLO Graduate Institute will take place in conjunction with the Global Cold Chain Expo allowing attendees to maximize their experience by participating in two opportunities. Participants will capitalize on the experts around them by interviewing exhibitors at the Global Cold Chain Expo, International Floriculture Expo, and the United FreshTec and FreshMkt Produce shows and including those key conversations in their case study presentations.

The WFLO Graduate Institute Professional Development Program is a four-day, industry-specific program for professionals engaged in temperature-controlled logistics who have graduated from the WFLO Institute. The program incorporates two important components for success in the industry – responding to customer requests and developing leadership skills.

In the highly-interactive Case Study Sessions, participants take an active role in real-world case studies to solve a customer request. At the end of the two and a half day program, each group of participants presents their case study analysis, receives feedback from industry experts, and shares best practices with their peers.

The Leadership Sessions highlight each participant’s leadership potential by focusing on self-awareness, team building, results, growing others, and respect. Each participant completes Gallup Organization’s StrengthsFinder Assessment to discover their own strengths and how to best utilize them in their careers.

After completing the program, participants will be able to:

  • Conduct a multi-faceted analysis on a customer request using a variety of strategies
  • Prepare a presentation to communicate their assessment of the opportunity to company leadership for further consideration and action.
  • Develop a statement that articulates their personal leadership philosophy and demonstrates an understanding of critical leadership skills that will contribute to facility and company success in the 21stCentury cold storage industry.


Session Number  & Title                                                                                             


Graduate Institute Introduction
Leadership – Personal Strengths


Customer Profile


Customer Profile - Sharing & Feedback


Day 2 Preview


Pragmatic Price Planning


Pragmatic Price Planning – Sharing & Feedback


Situational Leadership


Growing a Leadership Bench
10  Day 3 Preview 
11 Implementation Considerations

Implementation Considerations –

Sharing & Feedback

13 Pulling it All Together Part I – Case Study

Day 4 preview 

15 Pulling it All Together Part II – Leadership Skills
16 Final Presentation Preparations
17 Case Study Presentations on the Show Floor
18 Graduate Institute Review and Wrap-Up, and
Case Study Results