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Executive Spotlight: Charles Myers

Each quarter, the GCCA International Programs Department will profile a cold chain executive who has made an impact on the global industry. For this inaugural Executive Spotlight, we profiled Charles “Charlie” Myers, the General Manager of Freight at uShip Inc.

In July, Charlie was named "Executive of the Year" by the International Refrigerated Transportation Association (IRTA) for his years of services to the association and his commitment to working with GCCA International Programs on donor-funded projects to improve the refrigerated transportation industry around the world.

    • Name: Charles Myers
    • Title: General, Manager, Frieght at uShip Inc.
    • Summary of Job Responsibilities:
      • Oversees product design and build out of truckload freight initiatives that include requirements, services provided, milestones, benchmarks and other pertinent information.
      • Provides subject matter expertise to the project development team and ensure that all aspects of the project are appropriately designed and tested prior to implementation.
      • Assists in the process of acquiring new customers
    • GCCA Affiliation: Member, International Refrigerated Transportation Association (IRTA), a core partner of GCCA
    • Number of Years in the Industry:  39
    • Biography: Born and raised in Huntington, West Virginia, USA, Charlie is married to Carolyn Myers, has three daughters, and nine grandchildren.

Global Cold Chain Alliance: How were you introduced to the refrigerated storage/transportation industry?
Charles Myers: I really became interested in refrigerated transportation when I started working with England Logistics, specifically working on the company's entrance into the China domestic market.

GCCA: What would you say is your most rewarding experience working in this industry (internationally with GCCA or otherwise)?
CM: I think the opportunity that I was given to explore the Chinese domestic refrigerated market.

GCCA: What has been one of your greatest professional accomplishments?
CM: Becoming Director of the Operations Research Office for the Defense Logistics Agency. It gave me the opportunity to manage over 100 scientific analysts conducting projects in all aspects of logistics.

GCCA: What is the greatest personal or professional obstacle that you have had to overcome?
CM: I am the world’s biggest introvert. I fight that battle daily.

GCCA: What is your advice to companies and professionals who would like to contribute to the international growth of the cold chain industry?
CM: We in the U.S. have a lot to offer to developing countries and sharing that knowledge gives you a good feeling knowing that you can help others have a better standard of living.

GCCA: What challenges have you faced working on WFLO international development projects?
CM: I have worked on several WFLO International projects in China and Uzbekistan.  One of the biggest challenges for executives that participate on WFLO international projects is to understand that logistics operations (warehousing, transportation) in developing countries often do not adhere to the same standards that we might expect here in the United States. Therefore, when providing technical assistance on WFLO cold chain development projects, I had to make recommendations for systems or operational improvements that required many small steps. I feel that working on these projects has given me a new perspective on the world’s food supply and the importance of keeping it safe. I really enjoy the fact that I can help others to improve their standard of living.

GCCA: What advice would you give companies who would like to invest in the cold chain outside of their domestic market?
CM: Take the time to understand the target market and don’t get the false impression that you will be profitable overnight. Do your homework.


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