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How the Cold Chain Spreads the Love on Valentine's Day

Consumers spend billions annually on Valentine’s Day. In fact, the National Retail Federation estimates that Americans will spend $18.2 billion this year on Valentine’s candy, flowers, and more. Ordering all of the Valentine's Day necessities is becoming easier every year. With the simple click of a button, a consumer in California can send flowers and chocolate to a loved one in Florida. Therefore, proper storage and transportation vital to ensure perfection. The WFLO Commodity Storage Manual has a whopping six pages devoted to proper storage and handling of confectionery items, ranging from candy corn and gum drops to chocolates and caramels. The manual also has plenty of information for cold chain logistics providers to ensure safe, high quality cheese and wine make it to consumers in time for the big day of romance.

From storing warehouses full of flowers to making sure they're delivered on time, members of GCCA Core Partner associations play a major role in spreading the love and keeping Valentine’s romance alive. Tell us how your company supports Valentine's Day and keeps candy, wine, cheese and other perishable items flowing.

February 09, 2017


Commodity Storage Manual

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