GCCA Cold Chain Delegation: China

The GCCA Cold Chain Delegation in China is an eleven-day program being held 8 June to 19 June, 2015 for international delegates who are interested in broadening their presence in China by attending three GCCA Cold Chain Executive Connections (CCEC) and a number of important meetings.  Delegates are invited to join our Vice President of International Programs, Richard Tracy, for 11 days of networking and learning opportunities. Tracy will lead the delegation to meetings with some of the top cold chain professionals in China, stunning cultural visits, as well as introduce them to fantastic networking opportunities at three CCECs.

During GCCA’s Cold Chain Executive Connections, attendees will have the chance to discuss the current challenges and opportunities facing the cold chain in China as well as network with cold chain professionals throughout China.

Program Overview

The tentative program for the 2015 Cold Chain Delegation to China is to hold a CCEC in Beijing along with a number of meetings, then travel to Chengdu where attendees will see significant cultural locations and attend the second CCEC. Attendees will then travel to Guangzhou for the third CCEC and meet with the final cold chain professionals of the trip.