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IRTA Forms Task Force to Address Refrigerated Transportation Best Practices
Author: Laura Test

With the Sanitary Food Transportation Act, the Food Safety Modernization Act, and a general increase in regulations and customer-required audits, the importance of establishing best practices in refrigerated transportation and logistics has become critical to (1) ensure food safety and (2) stay in compliance. In response, the International Refrigerated Transportation Association (IRTA) has formed a task force to help establish industry best practices for the transportation and handling of temperature-controlled products. The task force is currently working on developing a guidance document to help carriers stay in compliance with new food safety regulations.

The task force is made up of a diverse group of IRTA members, including carriers, warehouse operators, and processors. See a roster of task force members. For more information on the task force or if you are interested in participating, contact Tori Liu at


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Refrigerated Transportation Best Practices Task Force
Tori Liu

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