The Power Of Low Charge Ammonia Systems

Packaged Low Charge Ammonia Technology is moving past the adoption phase and is becoming a proven technology in the Industrial Refrigeration Markets.


New Guidelines & Standards Making Regulations Easier


Easier Regulations & Guidelines

You can be the beneficiary of easier regulations and a reduction of red tape with IIAR’s new regulatory Guideline called ARM-LC (Ammonia Refrigerant Management – Low Charge). It was developed by IIAR over the last three years and released to the industry in March 2019. This IIAR Guideline greatly simplifies the owner's compliance requirements because of the lower risks inherent with low charge ammonia systems below 500 lb per package. There are many reasons for the lower risk and easier compliance with these low charge systems, and the ARM-LC program allows owners to take advantage of them. 


Best Practices Being Published

Plan & Spec or Design-Build A brand-new white paper is available entitled Distributed Low Charge Refrigeration Systems, recently released by the Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA) and the Controlled Environment Building Assoc. (CEBA). The paper was developed over 2 years by its Construction Codes Committee and will help cold storage owners and their contractors, engineers and operators understand how to design & construct their building or facility for the application of Low Charge Refrigeration systems. It provides helpful descriptions of this new technology and how to design and build a facility to maximize the benefits a distributed low charge system can provide. The paper also contains a valuable Pros & Cons table to help evaluate and understand how this technology compares to traditional systems.

Source: Cold Facts Fall 2019 Edition