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Addressing Industry Challenges through Automation

Cold storage facilities are turning to automation to address industry wide challenges such as the labor shortage, shrinking profit margins, and an increased focus of sustainability. Automated storage and retrieval systems move and store product throughout the warehouse, relying on only a few employees to direct the equipment using software. Different levels of automation exist in temperature-controlled warehouses, but two new facilities, both operated by NewCold – one in Tacoma, Washington, U.S., and one in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia – take automation to the highest level. The move toward cold storage warehouses that are fully automated will continue to grow because automation not only addresses labor challenges, but also provides energy efficient building, says Jonas Swarttouw, U.S. Country Manager for NewCold. 

Read the full article entitled, “Innovation and Automation Address Key Challenges in Cold Storage” in the latest edition of the November – December 2018 edition of COLD Facts Magazine. The automation used in NewCold’s Tacoma facility was just one element demonstrating the building’s innovation and complexity that helped the facility earn the Built by the Best Award title for 2018. Learn more.

December 12, 2018

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