Cold Connection

Cold Chain Professionals Gather in Dubai

Twenty-five cold chain professionals attended the Cold Chain Connection in Dubai on January 10, 2019. Cold Chain Connections are educational and networking events hosted by the Global Cold Chain Alliance for senior level cold chain professionals in cities all around the world. This event, sponsored by Amana Contracting and Steel buildings, was a huge success, with rich discussion regarding the growth of the Gulf States Cold Chain by twenty-five food companies and cold storage operators.

Corey Rosenbusch, President and CEO of the Global Cold Chain Alliance, traveled throughout Dubai, visiting facilities in the world’s largest free trade zone. Cold storage facilities in Dubai are expanding at an explosive rate, with 7 facilities alone inside the free trade zone. Products that wouldn’t normally require refrigeration, such as cosmetics, are needing to be stored in a cold storage facility due to the extreme heat in Dubai. The facilities that are being built are the best of the best – with top notch technology and equipment. Due to the oversupply of cold storage facilities, a lot of pressure has been created in the market, making it difficult to achieve the rates necessary for customers. Private facilities are being built, even the Government has taken an interest to these facilities, to the point where they are investing in Cold Storage.

January 24, 2019

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