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Explore Industry Turnover Rates and Improve Onboarding with New Resources

GCCA is proud to offer tools to members in order to best equip them to navigate the difficult hiring market. 


Creating a World-Class Onboarding Experience invites business leaders and 3PLs to reconsider the traditional approaches to the onboarding process in order to maximize the success of a new hire. Onboarding new employees is a critical part of the employment process, and can be just as valuable to a company's success as finding talented individuals in the first place. This guide provides vital information for providing a world-class onboarding experience. 


The 2017 Labor Turnover Survey Report represents the findings of the International Association of Refrigerated Warehouse (IARW) in a study of 102 companies. It details turnover rates by region, and those states that have the highest turnover rates, while introducing solutions some facilites have found in order to reduce turnover in their labor force. The report is an invaluable resource in the struggle against a costly high turnover rate, allowing companies to compare their organization turnover rate against regional turnover rates across the industry.


Both resources are provided complimentary with GCCA membership, and are intended to help GCCA members save the time, money, and resources involved in the hiring and onboarding process. 

August 07, 2018

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