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GCCA Launches Energy Excellence Recognition Program

Managing energy costs, the second highest operating cost in the cold chain industry, is a top priority for members of the Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA). To help meet its goal of reducing energy consumption across the industry by 10%, the GCCA has launched the Energy Excellence Recognition Program.

This new initiative helps temperature-controlled warehouse operators measure and improve energy efficiency at each of their facilities. Using qualitative and quantitative assessment tools, operators can track facility performance over time, as well as receive progress reports and helpful resources. Top performers who participate will be awarded based on magnitude of savings.

The qualitative assessment evaluates a facility's energy culture across several modules, including:

  • Management Commitment​

  • Human & Financial Resources

  • Energy KPIs & Targets

  • Operations & Maintenance

  • Monitoring & Analysis

  • Procurement & Design


The quantitative tool tracks the following facility data over time:

  • Energy Consumption

  • Product Throughput

  • Wet & Dry bulb

  • Cubic Footage

Instead of just aiming to lower costs, this initiative will help members change their energy consumption behaviors, improve efficiency, and promote their efforts to their customers.

The program is open to all member cold storage warehouses. Enroll today!


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Published August 21, 2018


August 21, 2018

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