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Coldbox Builders Inc. – Milton, Ontario, Phase One and Phase Two Projects Complete

Coldbox Builders Inc., a leading cold storage warehouse/distribution plan-design-build firm, is pleased to announce the completion of phase one and two projects for VersaCold Logistics Services, and the launch of phase three. Phase three is scheduled for completion by December 2018, when total operational space will reach more than 19.1 million cubic feet.  The new centre, located at 2701 High Point Drive in Milton, Ontario, Canada, is VersaCold’s 32nd warehouse facility and clearly, its biggest. The entire project has been described as one of the largest capital investments the company has made. The addition of the new facility comes as a result of the company’s transformation initiative that was begun in 2014. Since that time, the company has added new services, made acquisitions and has seen significant organic growth.

Coldbox Builders Inc. supplied a seamless floor slab design with corrugated armor joints, eight-inch (R-56) freezer-insulated, metal-panel walls, a 600-ton ammonia refrigeration system and an Early Suppression Fast Response (ESFR) large-drop, pre-action fire sprinkler system. A 250,000 square foot under slab heave-prevention system is installed throughout. The facility has -22F to 39F (-30C to +4C) temperature swing capabilities. At 39F (+4C), the temperature-controlled cold dock minimizes product temperature change during transit. The two-stage construction accommodated accelerated freezer turnover. The space accommodates 30,000 pallet positions, with multiple smaller freezers for temporary storage and product staging all completed to Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) standards.

With the addition of this facility, VersaCold Logistics Services has increased its total deep-frozen storage capacity. In addition to other products, the new facility will handle an average of 17 million cases of product which will be received and shipped out annually. A formidable 22.4 million pounds of ice cream will be shipped out yearly, enough to fill 30 Olympic-sized swimming pools. More than 33 million individual pizzas will be shipped out each year — laid end-to-end, they would stretch across Canada almost one-and-a–half times.

As with any project, there were unique challenges to overcome, but one of the most critical is having construction occur concurrently with VersaCold Logistics Services business — having already delivered on phase one and two; phase three is about to start on site. Product was entering the new freezer months after breaking ground.

“From the onset, we knew our targets were aggressive. Our client’s business is growing, and their client’s business is growing, and we work to facilitate that growth,” said Marko Dzeletovich, president of Coldbox Builders Inc. “To make this happen in a restricted timeline, with uninterrupted production flow, required a high level of trust and partnering. We are very pleased with how, together, all stakeholders developed solutions to culminate in one of the largest third-party, single-site, cold supply warehouses in Canada.”

About Coldbox Builders Inc: Founded in 2008 by Marko Dzeletovich, Coldbox Builders Inc. is a niche plan-design-builder of environmentally-controlled facilities for the food industry. Today, Coldbox Builders Inc. has completed millions of cubic feet of manufacturing, processing, storage and distribution facilities — successfully delivering food facilities and continuing to grow the food supply chain globally. Its engineering and construction experts have had the privilege of supporting new entrepreneurial business ventures as well as serving Fortune 75 companies. No matter the size of the facility or the complexity of the project, Coldbox Builders Inc. ensures client plan-design-build expectations are met.

About VersaCold Logistics Services: VersaCold is Canada’s largest end-to-end supply chain solutions company focused exclusively on the handling of temperature-sensitive products. VersaCold delivers a suite of fully integrated logistics services through its national network of industry leading facilities, transportation fleet and advanced technologies that set the benchmark for accessibility, information visualization, real-time tracking and inventory management. Empowered by its commitment to exceptional service, performance driven culture and dedicated focus on continuous innovation, VersaCold is a trusted and valued partner to its clients – enabling business strategies and revenue growth within highly sensitive and regulated environments. VersaCold is proud to play a key role in ensuring the safety, quality and freshness of some of North America’s most beloved food brands – protecting the health and wellness of families from east coast to west. For more information about VersaCold, please visit

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March 07, 2018

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