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GCCA Launches "Protecting the Foods Families Love" Member Campaign

From coffee shops to family restaurants and convenience shops to wholesale megastores, food brings people together. Whether it’s for a meeting over a cup of coffee and a pastry or grocery shopping before a family dinner, food is the one thing that unites us all, no matter where we call home. The Global Cold Chain Alliance has always been focused on forging a universally strong cold chain where products retain quality and safety through each link. Because we are all eaters. And we know every eater wants food that is nutritious, healthy and—above all—safe.


That’s why GCCA is proud to announce the launch of a new industry campaign based on our commitment to ensuring the food we all eat is safely packaged, stored and transported so it can be served on dinner tables everywhere. This is a campaign that reinforces our 1,300+ member base’s promise to protect the foods families love.


Food is a universal connection between us. We want to ensure our member companies, their customers, and their customer’s customers all feel protected because the Cold Chain makes sure the food we all eat is safely packaged, stored and transported. An important mission, considering the USDA reports every American as eating an average of about 273 pounds of fruit, 415 pounds of vegetables, 630 pounds of dairy, and 185 pounds of meat and poultry each year. That’s a lot of food we’re responsible for storing and transporting safely to arrive at dinner tables around the country - imagine the amount of food being consumed around the entire world in a year!


This campaign is all about sharing and confirming this promise by educating people on the Cold Chain, its purpose and role in bringing food to the table. Because we’re not just preserving food. We’re preserving trust.

In the United States alone:


  • 290 billion pounds of perishable food is stored in GCCA member warehouses every year
  • 95 billion pounds of perishable food is being stored on any given day
  • 166 million pallets of perishable food stored
  • 37,000 full-time employees serve within the refrigerated warehousing workforce

By educating our members’ customers on the cold chain and reaffirming our commitment to provide them with safe, healthy and nutritious foods, we can begin to shed a light on how seriously we all take the work we do.

Learn more about our “Protecting the Foods Families Love” campaign, and follow/like us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. In the coming months, we’ll be fostering conversations about these commitments and their relevance to everyday lives and people.

October 12, 2018


food safety

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