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Executive Reorganization Plan, USDA, and the Cold Chain

The Trump Administration released a far-reaching proposal to reorganize the executive branch on June 21st. This proposal came as a result of an executive order aimed at identifying and solving inefficiencies across the federal government.

One of the more notable changes in structure for members in the cold chain is the integration of USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) with HHS’ FDA food safety functions into a new USDA Federal Food Safety Agency. Creation of a single food safety agency has been proposed several times in the past but has been met with turf battles over jurisdiction. While USDA would get all food safety programs, most nutrition assistance programs would be moved to a renamed Department of Health and Public Welfare. Also proposed is the shift of USDA’s Hazardous Material Management Program into EPA’s Superfund program. EPA would also get Interior’s Central Hazardous Materials Program in the reorganization.

There are numerous other changes including consolidation, restructure, and a transfer of responsibilities in agencies like the Department of Commerce, Defense, DHS, Interior, Labor, NASA, OPM, Transportation, USAID, USPS, and Veteran Affairs. Also included is a proposed merger of the Department of Labor and the Department of Education to form the Department of Education and the Workforce.

Many of the proposed actions will require Congressional approval, making the chances for organizational change less likely. Congressional committees are reluctant to give up their jurisdiction over long-standing programs and some Congressional leaders have already indicated that they will oppose the reorganization proposals to shift programs to different departments.


To view the full proposal and all the aggregate changes, please visit:


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June 22, 2018

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