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GCCA Joins Coalition Partners Expressing Trade Policy Concerns

In the wake of recent tariffs between the U.S. and other countries, the Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA) has joined multiple coalitions to communicate concerns about the impacts of tariffs on the cold chain.


In an effort to renegotiate fair trade amongst its trading partners, the Trump administration has imposed around $96 billion in tariffs on Chinese, European, Canadian, Mexican, Indian and Turkish imports. On July 6th, President Trump announced that the U.S. is ready to target an additional $500 billion in Chinese imports. Targeted countries have responded with swift retaliation, leveraging ‘tit-for-tat’ tariffs back onto U.S. products, primarily agricultural exports.


The international response continues to create problems for members in the supply chain. Fear of progressing trade disputes has driven down the value of targeted U.S. products like soybeans and pork, resulting in substantial losses for U.S. businesses. Furthermore, previous consumers of U.S. pork and soybeans have begun to look elsewhere due to the spike in prices.


GCCA will continue working with coalition partners to communicate the challenges of ever-increasing tariffs on the supply chain.

To view the most recent coalition letter signed by GCCA, click here


For questions regarding this issue, please contact GCCA Vice President of Government and Legal Affairs, Lowell Randel at

July 06, 2018

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