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USDA Releases Training Video for new PHIS Export Module: Enrollment Open June 12

A recent update from FSIS reminds US exporters of meat and poultry about the switch from traditional paper export certificates to the newly integrated Public Health Information Systems (PHIS) module. As previously reported, these changes will take effect on June 29, 2018, and will begin by applying to the 16 countries below.

Afghanistan | Andorra | Bahamas | Bolivia | Burundi | Cape Verde | Cook Islands

Ethiopia | French Guiana | Gambia | Guinea | Liberia | Mozambique

San Marino | Tanzania | Uganda

FSIS has provided access to training videos to help staff with the eAuthentication enrollment process and navigation around the new system.  To view the training video, please follow this link and navigate to the subsection “Presentations and Briefings”:

Access to the PHIS requires a level 2 eAuthentication and companies can begin enrollment on June 12,. Companies who export to any of the countries above are encouraged to begin the enrollment process as soon as able.  If you allow your eAuthentication to expire, you will need to go through the registration process again to gain access. To avoid expiration, the user must log-in periodically as expiration will typically occur around six months of inactivity.  For all other exports to countries not included in the list above, new, updated paper certifications must be used until they are integrated into the PHIS module.

For questions regarding this new PHIS System, and how it might affect you, please contact GCCA Vice President of Government and Legal Affairs, Lowell Randel at


Written by Zachary Vincent, Fellow -  Global Cold Chain Alliance

June 11, 2018



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