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ColdPoint Logistics Opens New Cold Storage Distribution Facility as Phase II of Development at Logistic Park Kansas City

On March 1, 2018 ColdPoint Logistics, a temperature-controlled logistics firm and affiliate of NorthPoint Development, is pleased to announce the completion of Phase II of their cold storage distribution facility project at Logistics Park Kansas City in Edgerton.

Phase II of the project concludes with the opening of a 5.4 million cubic-foot, temperature-controlled distribution facility featuring automated racking, blast freezing, and the potential for additional automation coming in future phases. The facility will serve several customers exporting proteins to the Asian rim and dairy products and other finished goods within the U.S. with the capacity to meet additional customer demands.

“Our goal in this entire project is to build partnerships within the supply chain to enhance the services offered to our customers and offer new solutions to the growing global food logistics community,” said Thom Smith ColdPoints CEO. “Building cold storage facilities in such a critical logistics hub allows our customers to drive out cost and give them easier, more efficient access to export their products through the ports on the East and West Coast.” Our location supports a diversified mix of activity with both export and domestic activity.

As a hub of the BNSF intermodal yard in Kansas City, ColdPoint is uniquely positioned to provide warehousing and distribution services for temperature-controlled products being transported across the U.S. to the East and West Coast for export. ColdPoint also offers customers the cost-savings and efficient benefit of providing direct access to containers at the ports, eliminating the need for cross-docking between trucks and containers.

The new facility is the second in a four-phase project, which has already seen success following the opening of ColdPoint Logistics Phase 1 in July 2017 – a 4.9 million cubic-foot cold storage distribution facility doing export and domestic for several major protein processors in LPKC.

“Our customers can ship products anywhere in four days from our location at LPKC,” said Dane Bear ColdPoints VP of Business Development. “This is critical for perishable products that need expert handling in distribution facilities and fast action as they head off to the ports.”

The work will continue for ColdPoint Logistics in LPKC as Phase III of the project continues with an anticipated open date in September 2018 and a focus on domestic distribution. The three project phases together will total 16,200,000 cu ft with phase four being designed now with expectations of starting construction in 2019. Past the Kansas development, ColdPoint is evaluating other market areas to support their next facility.

NorthPoint Development is the master developer of the 1,700-acre intermodal logistics park, which opened in late 2013 along a stretch of the BNSF Railway’s transcontinental line through Edgerton.

“ColdPoint Logistics is an operationally driven company that is new in the industry but has assembled a team that has over 150/yrs. of cold storage experience.” Said Thom Smith. Being able to operate with true core values that foster a “People First” culture is the key in providing operational excellence. Our Best in Class Facility is successful because of our great people that work hard each day to exceed the customers’ expectations.

Utilizing innovative solutions, our people and customer partnerships, we will continue to grow the business with our customers that we are very proud to be associated with.

April 10, 2018

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