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Successful Flanagan Foodservice Inc. Project Conclusion

Coldbox Builders Inc., a leading cold storage warehouse/distribution center plan-design-build firm, is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of a major project with Flanagan Foodservice Inc. in Ontario Canada. This project comprised just over 18 months in duration, originally breaking ground in October 2016.

The project location was 295 South Blair Street in Whitby, Ontario, Canada. This existing 80,000 square foot facility received a planned 100,000 square foot expansion, which is one of the largest undertakings in the history of Flanagan Foodservice. The entire project represented an investment of approximately 18 million dollars. This additional facility in its network allows Flanagan Foodservice to accommodate the growth of its client base and further expand into the Toronto market and eastern parts of Ontario.

Coldbox Builders Inc. supplied a seamless floor slab design with corrugated armor joints, insulated metal-panel walls, TPO roof assembly, complete with a cascade carbon dioxide ammonia refrigeration system and an Early Suppression Fast Response (ESFR) large-drop, pre-action fire sprinkler system. An environmentally safe, maintenance-free, under-slab heave-prevention system was installed throughout. The project team plan-design-built the cascade ammonia and carbon dioxide refrigeration system, as greener and more efficient for the application. The new addition consists of two freezers, multi-temperature coolers for greater expanse in refrigerated products, dry space and temperature-controlled dock to accommodate more than 10,000 different product SKUs. The project is intended to decrease capital and operating costs and was executed to Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) standards.

As with any project, challenges arise, but this project progressed in spite of unrelenting weather constraints and inadequate existing ground conditions. Marko Dzeletovich, Coldbox Builders Inc. president, emphasized, “A number of key stakeholders worked together, such as the City of Whitby, the Regional Municipality of Durham, vendors and subtrade construction crews. Special thanks go out to the team at Flanagan Foodservice Inc., including vice president, operations, Trevor Austin, chief operating officer, Paul Keery, and executive vice president, Rick Flanagan, which showed uncompromising dedication to safety and quality and guaranteed success.”

About Coldbox Builders Inc: Founded in 2008 by Marko Dzeletovich, Coldbox Builders Inc. is a niche plan-design-builder of environmentally-controlled facilities for the food industry. Today, Coldbox Builders Inc. has completed millions of cubic feet of manufacturing, processing, storage and distribution facilities — successfully delivering food facilities and continuing to grow the food supply chain globally. Its engineering and construction experts have had the privilege of supporting new entrepreneurial business ventures as well as serving Fortune 75 companies. No matter the size of the facility or the complexity of the project, Coldbox Builders Inc. ensures client plan-design-build expectations are met.

March 01, 2018

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