Q. Who publishes the eNewsletters?
A. Cold Connection, Cool Moves, and Cool Designs are sent by the Global Cold Chain Alliance. The eNewsletters are published and edited by MultiBriefs, a division of MultiView. MultiBriefs also sells advertising for the eNewsletters. The eNewsletters' brands are solely owned by the respective Core Partners of the Global Cold Chain Alliance.

Q. I haven't been receiving my association eNewsletter or emails from the association, what could be wrong?
A. Beginning January 9, 2013, all eNewsletters will be sent by GCCA from @gcca.org. If you have not been receiving your association eNewsletter or emails from the association it may be getting caught in your spam filter. Please add the domain name @gcca.org to your safe sender list.

Q: Why is MultiView calling me?
A: Because MultiView, Inc., is the publisher of the NewsBrief, we have committed to support your association by supplying a full-time staff whose job it is to inform suppliers of their advertising opportunities, and offer service to those who wish to participate in the NewsBrief. You are under no obligation to participate in the NewsBrief. However, not being included in the NewsBrief is a missed opportunity to deliver your message directly to the inboxes of association members – industry professionals who spend millions each year buying products and services like the ones your company provides. If you do not wish to be contacted regarding advertising options in the NewsBrief, simply call +1 800 816 6710 and ask to be added to the do not call list.

Q: I would like to receive the eNewsletter(s) – how do I subscribe?
A: Subscribe here.

Q: I do not wish to receive the eNewsletter(s) - how do I unsubscribe?
A: Please send an email to email@gcca.org with your unsubscribe request.

Q: Is there a Media Kit for the eNewsletter(s)?
A: Yes! A link to the Media Kit listing the prices and details of advertising options is located in the footer of each week’s e-mail.

Q. How can I contribute news?
A. Members of IARW, WFLO, IRTA, and IACSC are invited to submit their press releases for publication. Learn how to contribute news