Human Resource Management

InterviewHuman resources (HR), including hiring, screening, and evaluating employees is a necessary function of an efficient operation. The resources below help managers understand employment law and recruit and retain high quality employees.

Employment Law

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Labor shortages, particularly of skilled labor, continue to be a significant concern for the refrigerated warehouse and logistics industry. The following member-only resources can help your company secure the best talent.


How do you retain employees and reduce costly turnover? It’s a combination of excellent hiring practices, thorough orientation and training, and consistent talent management. Get tips and best practices in employee retention with the member-only resources below.

    • Talent Management in Today’s Workforce – In this article from COLD FACTS Magazine, learn how to build the best team by recruiting imaginatively, hiring artfully and incentivizing wisely.
    • IARW Guide to Effective Warehouse Administration – See Chapter 3: Human Resources for a sample performance appraisal and tips on retaining employees.
    • Guest Lecture Program – The Guest Lecture Program is designed to help industry leaders increase awareness of the cold chain logistics industry and attract new talent to the industry. If you’re interested in presenting the Guest Lecture at your local high school, technical school, college, or university, utilize the tools below to put your best foot forward on behalf of the industry.
    • GCCA MasterMind Peer Networks – To complement GCCA’s existing talent development programs, the association is offering MasterMind Peer Networks for its members. A Mastermind Peer Network is a meeting of highly motivated individuals who share a common goal to improve their leadership and individual performance. They are also looking to learn from others and in return help their fellow group members improve.

For more information, see Chapter 3: Human Resources in the IARW Guide to Effective Warehouse Administration.