Cold Chain Market Research & Trends

ChartWhether investing in a new market or comparing industry benchmarks to their own company’s performance, forward-thinking cold chain professionals use data to improve and grow their business.

The Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA) and its Core Partners study the cold chain industry to better understand the scope and needs of the industry. With this data, GCCA is able to identify areas where the cold chain needs to be strengthened and, subsequently, develop resources to help the industry do just that. GCCA publishes a number of reports that help members understand and assess market trends.

About the Industry

To better understand the scope of our industry, please see:


  • IARW Productivity and Benchmarking Report – This biannual survey and correlating report presents a complete picture of practices in North American public refrigerated warehouses, providing key performance indicators and important benchmarks in the areas of finance, operations and employee wages.
  • GCCA Global Cold Storage Capacity Report – The International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses (IARW), a Core Partner of the Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA), has been collecting data on the global cold storage industry since 1998. The survey is used to write the Global Cold Storage Capacity Report, which provides industry growth trends, market development indicators, and market comparisons. Members can download the report free of charge. Nonmembers are invited to purchase a copy of the report.
  • IARW Financial Performance Report – IARW conducts periodic surveys on member companies’ financial performance. Data from these surveys have been utilized to report on the profit and revenue trends for the public refrigerated warehousing industry. IARW Warehouse Members can download the reports free of charge.
  • IARW Top 25 Lists – IARW publishes annual lists of the top 25 largest public refrigerated warehousing companies in the world.

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