Commodity Storage & Handling

Through its Core Partner the World Food Logistics Organization (WFLO), the Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA) provides critical research and information about proper commodity storage, handling, processing, and packaging. From produce to pharmaceuticals, we provide information that will help you and your company maintain product integrity. For more information on food safety, see Food Safety & Audits.

Food Freezing and Storage Calculator

Calculate food freezing and storage with this quick, user-friendly calculator. The calculator includes information on nearly 1,000 specific products in twelve different product categories.



WFLO Commodity Storage Manual

This is the cold chain industry’s chief resource for scientific information on the storage and handling of perishable goods with information on storing almost 300 different temperature-controlled products.

Scientific Advisory Council Reports

The WFLO Scientific Advisory Council publishes an annual report summarizing the latest research conducted by members of the council. These papers explore the science behind food safety, packaging, and logistics.

Research Papers

Renowned scientists and logistics experts conduct in-depth studies into the behavior of commodities in refrigerated storage, the control of the storage environment, and specific problems of refrigeration engineering and warehouse operation.

White Papers


  • WFLO Board of Governors. WFLO is led by a Board of Governors made up of a diverse group of leaders focused on education, research, and cold chain development.
  • WFLO Scientific Advisory Council. The WFLO Scientific Advisory Council, a group of preeminent food scientists and logistics experts, provides GCCA members with research and technical support. 


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