Construction & Design

Cold storage design and construction is literally the foundation of the cold chain. A temperature-controlled facilities design can impact every facet of operations from energy costs to turnover time.

The members-only resources below are designed to help you design, build, and maintain superior facilities.

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Technical Guides

Guide to Effective Warehouse Design, Maintenance, and Modernization
Dive into the physical structure of the warehouse, refrigeration engineering, maintenance, and more with this extensive technical guide.

Guidelines for the Design, Construction, Specification and Fire Management of Insulated Envelopes for Temperature Controlled Environments
Published by the European Division of IACSC, these guidelines provide contractors and operators with a comprehensive overview of design and installation of insulated envelopes in accordance with the latest UK and European standards.

White Papers and Tools

Application of Automation within a Public Refrigerated Warehouse
Learn about reasons to consider ASRS, challenges that may arise with ASRS, and building considerations for ASRS. The paper also includes a handy checklist of design, construction, and scope considerations for an ASRS project.

Cold Storage Maintenance Matrix
Learn about the ins and outs of warehouse maintenance with this handy Microsoft Excel file that can be adapted as needed.

Construction Café Report and Resources
Learn about the latest trends in cold storage construction.

Controlled Environment Fire Prevention: Using Oxygen Reduction Technology in the U.S.
Learn about controlled environment fire protection, including how it works, its viability in the U.S., and costs compared with traditional fire sprinkler systems.

Energy Modeling Guideline for Cold Storage and Refrigerated Warehouse Facilities
Designers of cold storage and refrigerated facilities can use this guidance document to certify buildings under the U.S. Green Building Council LEED rating system.

Fire Safe Solar White Paper
Learn best practices in installing and maintaining a fire-safe solar photovoltaic system.

Solar Energy Fact Sheet
Get answers to some of the most common questions about solar energy systems for temperature-controlled facilities with this helpful fact sheet.

Solar Photovoltaic System Guidelines
This white paper can help you identify requirements and pros and cons of solar systems in general and provides an overview of different types of solar technologies and mounting systems.

Fire Responder Communication Plan
Get help communicating with fire responders about your solar arrays.



CEBA Board of Directors
The Controlled Environment Building Association (CEBA) is led by a Board of Directors made up of leaders from the temperature-controlled construction industry, including contractors and suppliers.

CEBA Construction/Codes Committee
This technical committee covers all aspects of warehouse construction, including design, cost, materials, and codes.


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