Construction & Design

ConstructionCold storage design and construction is literally the foundation of the cold chain. A temperature-controlled facilities design can impact every facet of operations from energy costs to turnover time. The member-only resources below are designed to help you design, build, and maintain superior facilities.

Are you a retailer, processor, manufacturer, or producer? Are you considering building and operating your own temperature-controlled facility? Download our ROI Kit to check the viability of building your own facility. To find a third-party logistics provider, browse our free online directory.

Technical Guides

  • Guide to Effective Warehouse Design, Maintenance, and Modernization – Dive into the physical structure of the warehouse, refrigeration engineering, maintenance, and more with this extensive technical guide.
  • Guidelines for the Design, Construction, Specification and Fire Management of Insulated Envelopes for Temperature Controlled Environments – Published by the European Division of the International Association for Cold Storage Construction (IACSC), these guidelines provide contractors and operators with a comprehensive overview of design and installation of insulated envelopes in accordance with the latest UK and European standards. Copies of the guide are available for sale. Contact the European Division of IACSC for more information.

White Papers and Tools


IACSC Board of Directors

The International Association for Cold Storage Construction (IACSC) is led by a Board of Directors made up of leaders from the temperature-controlled construction industry, including contractors and suppliers. MORE

IACSC-IARW Construction/Codes Committee

This technical committee covers all aspects of warehouse construction, including design, cost, materials, and codes. View the membership roster.

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