Employee Safety

Focusing on safety can have a positive impact on your company’s bottom line. Incidents have been proven to have a negative impact on business – slowing or halting operations. In some cases incidents can lead to violations and fines from regulatory agencies. Worker safety is something that everyone from CEO’s to forklift drivers is responsible for, but creating a culture of safety, where safety is integrated in all day-to-day operations, starts at the top. The biggest obstacle to creating a culture of safety is managers who don’t make safety a priority. You can start by taking advantage of the resources below.


Workplace Violence Guidance Pre - and Post - Event Guidance 

Designed by Lockton Insurance, this document is to be used as a resource for your internal safety and risk management professionals to prepare your company before, and assist after, a workplace violence event has occurred.

Accident Investigations Resources
Find out the cause(s) of accidents and to prevent similar accidents in the future with helpful templates, checklists, and an informative white paper.

IARW Guide to Effective Warehouse Operations
Learn about best practices in warehouse supply chain logistics and operations with sections on safety, sanitation, costs, and policies.

Guide to Injury and Illness Prevention Programs
The Injury and Illness Prevention Program reference guide can help you understand state requirements for injury and illness prevention programs, workers' compensation premiums, and drug free workplace polices, and drug testing.

Hazard Assessment Checklist
The GCCA Hazard Assessment Checklist is a tool designed for warehouse employees as well as safety professionals. The Hazard Assessment checklist allows users to assess and identify potential hazards in 25 categories of risk.  In addition to the individual checklists, reference information and links are provided as supplementary information.

Hazard Analysis Tables
Conduct your own hazard analysis with these tables that present common warehouse activities and then assess the consequences and likelihood of each hazard.

Job Safety Analysis Guide and Template
Plan your own job safety analysis with this helpful guide.

Workers’ Compensation Premium Credits by State Matrix
The Safety Committee has compiled a state by state matrix of credits available for your workers compensation premium. The matrix includes a link to state specific website outlining the requirements for the credits.

Worker Safety Resources from the GCCA-OSHA Alliance
Download helpful resources from the GCCA-OSHA Alliance that will help protect the health and safety of workers, particularly by preventing exposure to hazards related to ammonia refrigeration systems.


Safety Committee
The IARW Safety Committee identifies best practices in worker safety to improve the safety performance of members and the PRW industry at large.

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