Energy Management

ElectricityEnergy costs are among the most controllable expenses in a refrigerated warehouse, yet are often unmanaged. The member-only resources below are designed to help you get a handle on energy and save money.


COLD FACTS Magazine Articles

Here’s a sample of some of the in-depth articles on energy featured in COLD FACTS Magazine. For more articles, browse the archives.

  • Profitable Sustainability: The Energy Component – Whether it’s investing in retrofit projects, engaging in new construction or committing to a Strategic Energy Management plan, sustainable profitability boils down to reducing your energy spend through intelligent investment in efficiency. (January-February 2013)
  • More Low-Cost Tips to Save Energy – Learn how to maximize the efficiency of facility systems and reduce energy consumption and costs. (March-April 2012)
  • Low-Cost Tips to Save Energy – Learn seven low-cost tips for improving the energy efficiency of refrigerated warehouses. (January-February 2012)


IARW-IACSC Refrigeration and Energy Committee

The Refrigeration and Energy Committee provides guidance to maximize efficient, effective, reliable, safe and economical refrigeration. View the membership roster.

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