What Are The Proper Conditions for Storing Organic Rice Bran?

Question: We are considering storing 50 lb bags of organic rice bran and would like information on the recommended proper conditions, including temperatures and precautions (e.g. does it give off odors).

Answer: Rice bran is used predominantly in the feed business, with only very minor use in health food store outlets or in breakfast cereals. The oil in rice bran, normally about 14-18%, is very unstable, being converted rapidly into free fatty acids and glycerol under ambient storage conditions. This deterioration can be arrested by freezing, and slowed by refrigeration.

It would be desirable to store it at refrigerated temperatures (35-45°F) if the product is to be stored not longer than a few months. If the product is to be stored for a year or longer and contains substantial amounts of moisture and other nutrients, it may be necessary to store it in the freezer. However, even under those conditions, it would appear quality is best at less than 90 days storage.  Quality deterioration would include off-aroma, off-flavor, ‘rancid’ flavor profile.  If the rice bran is integrated into another product, the initial rancidity could also initiate or accelerate quality degradation of other fat/oil in the product system. As a feed, however, this deterioration is not a problem, and refrigeration is not needed.

Stabilization by a heating method suggests that the shelf life of rice bran could be extended beyond 90 days. Here is a link to a research paper published in Brazil on the topic that provides some basic understandings:  http://www.scielo.br/pdf/cta/2012nahead/aop_cta_5249.pdf

Answered by WFLO Scientific Advisory Council (SAC) Chairman Dr. Michael Jahncke, Virginia Tech University.

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