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Best Practices to Turn Your Energy Data into Actionable Operational Insights

Written by: Jason Massey, CEO at


Cold storage and food & beverage facilities have increasing pressure to balance the often-competing priorities of operating at the lowest possible cost per unit of production while simultaneously reducing their energy usage and costs.


To ensure your technology investments deliver the results needed, we recommend following these four best practices:

  • Enable visibility across all your facilities by leveraging and deploying smart sensors, meters, and other devices and then integrate that to your refrigeration controls and warehouse management software.
  • Leverage energy intelligence software to help manage all those devices. Make sure the technology extends beyond simply monitoring. Data management is the link that helps you optimize your operations and gain insight into how variable energy cost impacts your production processes and margins.
  • Make sure your energy management goals are informed by your production and operational growth.
  • Turn your energy suppliers into strategic partners by sharing real-time energy loads. Energy intelligence is not just inside the four walls for your facility but includes your relationship with the utilities. 


If you’d like to learn more about how your energy management efforts can be combined with efficient operations to drive long-term financial growth, please reach-out to me at or visit us at 

October 14, 2021



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