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Cold Chain Assessment in Dominican Republic Kicks Off

WFLO, with implementing partners LixCap and IESC, is supporting a cold chain assessment in the Dominican Republic. The assessment began with a trip to the Dominican Republic with IARW Vice Chairman Manuel Cabrera-Kabana, GCCA member Matthew Meredith (LixCap), and retired member Salvador Figueroa Sanchez. The group interviewed several cold chain stakeholders to identify investment opportunities in the country that will directly support increased trade between the U.S. and Dominican Republic.


The team met with representatives from the American Chamber of Commerce in the Dominican Republic.


Manuel added that, “Prior to identifying investment opportunities, a detailed market study has been conducted on local production, import and export markets of perishables and pharma, as well as domestic temperature-controlled logistics distribution within the Dominican Republic. We met and interviewed producers, retailers, logistics and infrastructure operators, as well as governmental officials. We received a really warm welcome by the Ministry of Agriculture and other authorities in an effort to promote and enhance the cold chain throughout the country as it’s currently concentrated around the capital, Santo Domingo, and the main ports of Haina and Caucedo, both close to the capital.”

The group gathered for a photo after a successful meeting with the Dominican Minister of Agriculture.


This five-year project is funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture as part of their Food for Progress initiative. The assessment has been greatly supported by the Dominican attendees of the GCCA Cold Chain Policy Forum and Study Tour that was held in late July. To learn more about this and other international development projects WFLO supports, please contact Amanda Brondy ( and Madison Jaco (


September 03, 2021

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