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Driving a Green Supply Chain - GCCA Energy Excellence Recognition Program

The Energy Excellence program was launched in September 2018 to recognize warehouse facilities as they improve their energy efficiency and reward those that drive energy conservation. Numerous GCCA members have joined the mission to drive a greener supply chain that runs on a commitment to sustainability. Using qualitative and quantitative assessment tools, the GCCA Energy Excellence Recognition Program allows a location to establish a baseline year with records, and then track performance over time to identify challenges and opportunities for improvement. This allows warehouse operators to track facility performance over time, as well as receive progress reports with recommended next steps and links to useful resources. Top performers will receive recognition (Gold, Silver and Bronze levels) through social media and a plaque that can be housed in their facility. This program not only drives the supply chain to be more sustainable, but it allows member companies to advertise to their customers that they are taking strides towards energy efficiency.    


To learn more about the GCCA Energy Excellence Recognition Program and see a list of program participants, click here.

January 31, 2019


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