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GCCA Facilitates Cold Chain Discussion at World Bank Symposium

On April 24-25, 2019, the World Bank hosted the "Cooling for All...Without Over-heating the Planet. The Second Clean Cooling Congress" in collaboration with the University of Birmingham and the BEIS of the British Foreign Common Office (FCO). At the invitation of the conference organizations, Amanda Brondy traveled to this conference to co-chair and facilitate discussions on cold chain. The Conference was organized to examine what steps can be taken to reduce greenhouse gases while increasing access to cooling services as the world warms up. With participation from academic institutions, development organizations, international donors, private sector, and government representatives, the conference marked the first step to share information and develop a potential workplan for these organizations to approach cooling in a cohesive and collaborative manner.

GCCA’s contribution was unique as many of the conference participants understood the refrigeration side of cooling but had little knowledge of cold chain logistics. GCCA will remain engaged with the World Bank as their initiative moves forward. For more information, please contact Amanda Brondy at

May 22, 2019


World Bank
Cold Chain Discussion

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