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How GCCA Can Help in a Crisis

The Global Cold Chain Alliance is your go-to resource for industry questions and crisis events. Whether an ammonia leak, warehouse fire, or food recall hits your facility when it’s least expected, the Crisis Management Go Team is ready to take action. To activate the Crisis Management, Go Team, call into GCCA Headquarters at (703)-373-4300 and GCCA Staff will promptly initiate a conference call made up of industry experts. The specialists will ask questions, review circumstance and advise you, the operator, of the best next steps to take in order to control the situation.

For additional information on crisis management best practices, please utilize the GCCA resource – the IARW Guide to Effective Warehouse Crisis Management.

If you have an industry related question, that is less urgent than a crisis matter, the Global Cold Chain Alliance and its team of experts on the WFLO Scientific Advisory Council can help through the GCCA Inquiry Service. All members and their employees can get instant advice from the GCCA Online Community, which consists of 4,000 cold chain professionals.

February 01, 2019


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