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A New Chapter for Stockhabo

Some History

Stockhabo was founded in 2001 in Mouscron by Xavier Haspeslagh and his wife Christine Bouckaert. Today they are still active in the company.

After several expansions, Stockhabo acquires Devagel, located in Mouscron, in 2010. In doing so, it doubles its storage capacity in order to cope with the ever-growing customer base. In 2015 Stockhabo will further expand with a third site, within easy reach, Stockhabo ICE. Today Stockhabo can offer 100,000 pallet spaces. 87% is frozen warehousing, 6% ambient, 2% chilled and 5% is for storing chocolate.

Newest Project

In May 2019 a new important step in history will take place: The opening of a completely automated warehouse for frozen products. Their biggest project so far.

The construction started in December 2017. 1,5 years later the building will be ready to receive its first pallets. Its capacity will be 61.200 pallet places which means that the total capacity of stockhabo will grow with 62%. The total volume of the high bay will be 438.000m3 or 175 Olympic swimming pools.

It will have twelve regular loading bays and one automatic loading bay already prepared to receive LHV’s (super lorries). 420 pallets/hour will be moved if at full capacity with the help of ten cranes. Still there is a need of workforce to operate the building. Twenty extra vacancies have been opened. The investment had a total cost of 36 million euro.

Some fun facts:

  • The 30 000m3 insulation panels are the newest on the market. Powered by Quadcore. The panels differentiate from the other panels because of their superior fire resistance and their high thermic capabilities. On top of that they score better than the standard panels from an environmental point of view.
  • 1,400 pile foundations were set in the ground with a total depth of 16 meters on average.
  • 2,025,000 different parts were used to make the construction. 1,594,000 of them are nuts and bolts.
  • The height of the building is 36.5 meters.
  • The offices will be heated and cooled by recovery of the compressors.
  • 5,000,000 kg of steel are used in the construction


April 15, 2019


New Project

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