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Pharma Resources for the European Cold Chain

There continues to be strong global interest in the cold chain for pharmaceutical and biopharma products. These high value products can command a higher price per pallet for storage and handling to compensate for increasingly stringent handling and safety protocols. Adding to the value equation, the aging demographics in North America, China, and Western Europe and the growing economic strength of the “emerging” economies of Russia, China, India and Brazil, an interesting global story emerges.

The cold storage market opportunity appears to be fragmented due to varying product handling protocols and liability. The cost of an inefficient cold chain is high ranging from making drugs ineffective or dangerous, to significant recall costs for manufacturers. Further, in the field of biomaterial management the immediate cost can be a loss of life. The cold storage industry must continue to prove to pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical manufacturers they can be entrusted with ensuring the safety and quality of their products.

While GCCA research on the pharma cold chain is limited, several relevant third-party resources, aggregated below, highlight the current and future market opportunities; specifically, in Europe. Given Germany has historically been the number one player for pharmaceutical production value in the European Union and remains one of the dominant players, GCCA has compiled a number of these public sources on the German pharmaceutical industry.

Germany Pharmaceutical Industry Association resources:

September 24, 2019


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