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Driver Posting Rules Clarified by the Commission

Have you got a hard time with the provisions included in the new EU Mobility Package 1 on driver posting, driving time and rest time?


Mobility Package 1 (MP1) came into force in summer 2020 and the social provisions on driving times and rest conditions of drivers have been effective since 20 August 2020. GCCA Europe is continuing its efforts to advocate the interests of refrigerated transportation through its collaboration with IRU (International Road Transport Union): we are working closely with the European Commission (EC) to achieve more clarity on some areas of the MP1 before Directive (EU)2020/1057 on posting of drivers is enforced on 2 February 2022. We advocate, amongst others for:

  • More clarity from all member states on the applicability of their national rules compared to EU posting rules, driving and rest times
  • Harmonization of rules e.g. on paid holidays for multiple stays in various countries. Some countries have published their rules on their national websites.
  • Roadside checks and burden of proof

In the meantime, a preliminary set of Questions and Answers is now available in multiple languages on the EC website, as well as references on posting staff abroad and individual national regulation


More details about MP1 can be found here.


February 23, 2021

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