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Education Tracks at the Cold Chain Conference & Expo

The three education tracks - for warehouse operations, engineering & construction and supply chain logistics & transportation - are coming together for the Cold Chain Conference & Expo taking place September 28-30, 2020. There are many other educational opportunities as well, including pre-conference workshops, general sessions, and regional meetings. Visit the event website to learn more and to register.


Breakout Sessions – Warehouse Operations Track

  • Automation: Solutions for increasing productivity. How automation has been impacted and impacts business post-COVID.
  • Talent: Working in the Cold. Strategies for retaining talent and supporting your workforce in a cold/frozen environment.
  • Preparing for the unexpected: pivoting business, preparing for emergencies and disasters.
  • Driving growth as a strategic partner to your customers: As a general manager, how to understand your customer in order to be a more “strategic” partner to retain & grow and  drive revenue.

Breakout Sessions – Engineering & Construction Track

  • Post-COVID design: What does design look like post-COVID, for new design-build projects as well as redesigns, renovations and restaging operations.
  • Refrigeration and engineering: After a brief refresher on Refrigeration 101, a discussion of refrigeration options and new builds vs. retrofitting.
  • IIAR standards and guidance update: Updates and a state of the industry, looking at topics like CO2 & small package systems.
  • Sustainability and capital upgrades: What’s going on with solar, water reclamation, and other improvements around sustainability.

Breakout Sessions–Supply Chain Logistics & Transportation

  • Driver relations: New tools including paperless transactions, and best practices for good relationships.
  • Electrification strategies for facilities and fleets: How to leverage incentives and technologies to unlock bill savings, drive facility resilience, and reduce carbon emissions.
  • Financial strategies for challenging market conditions: How to protect your cash flows - and other financial considerations -  from future issues like the pandemic.
  • Benefits from participating in GCCA’s Certified Cold Carrier program: presented by program participants.

Note: sessions are subject to change. At this time, GCCA is moving forward with this event as an in-person meeting. Please check the event website for details.




June 01, 2020


Cold Chain Conference & Expo

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