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Final Rule on Hours of Service Goes to the White House

The U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has sent a final rule on changes to hours-of-service regulations to the White House. The Office of Management and Budget received the final rule on March 2, 2020 for review.

“While I can’t go into the specifics of this final rule, please know that the goal of this process from the beginning has been to improve safety for all motorists and to increase flexibility for commercial drivers,” FMCSA Acting Administrator Jim Mullen said in a statement made at the Truckload Carriers Association’s (TCA) annual convention in Kissimmee, Fla.

The TCA states that the final rule is based on a proposed rulemaking that was announced Aug. 14 and would allow truck drivers more flexibility with their 30-minute rest break and with dividing their time in the sleeper berth. It also would extend by two hours the duty time for drivers encountering adverse weather and extend the shorthaul exemption by lengthening the drivers’ maximum on-duty period to 14 hours from 12 hours and increasing the distance limit in which drivers can operate to 150 air miles from 100 air miles.

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March 06, 2020



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