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Find Out How Retailers and Food Industry Plan Logistics Outsourcing

In recent years, outsourcing logistics activities and high value-added services have been a driver of revenue growth and technological innovation for cold chain companies involved in the food sector. In an exclusive partnership, GCCA Europe and Rabobank have carried out research to better understand the state of the market, drivers and future opportunities of logistics outsourcing for cold chain logistics operators.


The research looks at the needs and opportunities of food companies and retail to outsource their logistics activities to third-party temperature-controlled logistics providers. It also looks at trends in the logistics sector to increasingly work with the food segment and develop successful, long-lasting relationships with customers. The results of the research, provided to GCCA members, will include valuable insights into their customer community and outlook for the next years. The results will be presented and explained in a workshop early October. Contact our Director of Europe, Julie Hanson, for any question.

September 13, 2021

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