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GCCA Calls on Congress to Consider COVID-19 Liability Protections

On Monday, February 1, GCCA joined over 500 organizations calling on Members of Congress to include targeted and temporary liability protections as they consider COVID relief legislation.  The coalition calls on Congress to include balanced liability relief provisions similar to last Congress’ SAFE TO WORK ACT (S. 4317) in any further COVID-19 relief legislation. To be successful, legislation in this space should ensure that unfair lawsuits will not hamper those who work to comply with applicable government guidelines. The coalition suggests these protections should be limited in duration and scope while preserving reasonable recourse for those harmed by truly bad actors. GCCA urges Congress to come together and take strong action now and provide a national baseline of liability protection during this national pandemic to prevent an influx of lawsuits from inhibiting our return to a robust economy and healthy citizenry.



February 02, 2021


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