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GCCA Meets with the White House on OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard

GCCA joined with food industry coalition partners for a meeting on May 12th with the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) as the Biden Administration considers finalizing a COVID Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS).  OSHA sent the draft ETS to the White House for final review in late April.  As a part of the review process, OMB is offering interested stakeholders the opportunity to request a meeting to share thoughts and concerns about the policy being considered.  The meeting included officials from the White House, Department of Labor, OSHA and the Small Business Administration.  GCCA and fellow food industry representatives shared the position that an ETS is not necessary at this stage in the pandemic.  However, should the Administration move forward with an ETS, industry recommends that an ETS should be performance-based and not prescriptive.  It is critical that any ETS give companies the maximum amount of flexibility to account for the diversity of operations across the food industry.  OMB is expected to complete its stakeholder meetings the week of May 17th and an announcement on the ETS could come at any time once the process is complete.  GCCA will continue to engage with the Administration and update members as new information is available.

May 13, 2021

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