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GCCA Staff Members Author Chapter in Book on Cold Chain Management

Global food losses are a result of a lack of necessary infrastructure, improper food safety handling procedures, and insufficient training for the personnel working in the cold chain. The development of a resource-efficient and energy-smart food supply chain requires a well-integrated evaluation and development of the cold chain. Cold Chain Management for the Fresh Produce Industry in the Developing World provides a comprehensive review of the benefits of an unbroken cold chain in developing countries and focuses on the critical role of extension education in the implementation of cold chain management.

GCCA staff members Lowell Randel, Amanda Brondy, and Madison Jaco authored a chapter of the book on Capacity Building for Cold Chain Development. The chapter demonstrates the case for developing the cold chain from the global perspective of the GCCA and highlights the association’s international development work, education programs like the WFLO Institute, and government advocacy efforts.

January 20, 2022

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