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Glacio inaugurates 14,500 pallet position cold store expansion

On Friday 20 November, Glacio completed the commissioning of a new building, significantly increasing capacity at Rakkestad. Construction was completed in five months and the project was delivered on time and within budget. "After two years of operating at maximum occupancy, I look forward to offering additional capacity to our customers," says General Manager Christian Solberg, who proudly showcases the new building.

The new building covers 2,500 square meters, is 15 meters high, and provides 14,400 pallet positions across two rooms. Glacio's site at Rakkestad is Norway's largest commercial cold store, offering customers 36,500 pallet positions in total.

"Finally, we have spare capacity, and with three tunnels for freezing and thawing the facility is now perfectly positioned to meet the needs of the food industry in the region," says Solberg. "Three years ago, we opened a 10,000 pallet position extension in Fredrikstad, but that has been operating at full occupancy for the past year and a half. Now we will hopefully be able to accommodate all customer storage inquiries for the coming months, and we can relieve the Fredrikstad facility," Solberg continues.

Productivity and energy efficiency

"We're increasing capacity by 60%, but still we anticipate that we only need to increase staffing by up to 20%. This enhanced efficiency will further strengthen our competitiveness. At the same time, we have invested in upgrading the cooling system which will reduce energy consumption significantly. Many of our customers highly value the improved energy efficiency," says Solberg.

Glacio Cold Chain Logistics offers 3PL solutions in temperature-regulated goods. With the companies Glacio Fredrikstad, Glacio Rakkestad and Glacio Transport, we offer storage and transport of frozen, chilled and temperate goods in Eastern Norway. Glacio is a member of Constellation Cold Logistics which has operations in Norway, Belgium and the Netherlands. More information can be found at and

January 06, 2021


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