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Small Business Legislative Council (SBLC) Announces Chair and Top Priorities for 2019

Washington, D.C. – Effective, February 5, 2019, Corey Rosenbusch, President and CEO of Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA) has assumed the position of the Chair of the Small Business Legislative Council (SBLC).  The Chair of the SBLC is an annually elected position.  Mr. Rosenbusch succeeds Jackie King, Executive Director of Secondary Materials and Recycled Textiles (SMART) who served as SBLC Chair in 2018.


The Small Business Legislative Council (SBLC) has also announced that the Council’s top priorities for 2019 will be addressing the labor shortage for small businesses, tax reform, infrastructure and rural development, trade and health care.  These priorities were determined by the SBLC’s Board of Directors and membership.


In the coming year, the SBLC will be working towards bi-partisan solutions to ensure an ample flow of qualified and reliable workers for businesses of all sizes.  This will include promoting innovative approaches to workforce development and skills training and efforts to address the immigration issues and opioid crisis that have impacted labor flow. The SBLC will also be continuing its work to promote the interests of small business as the provisions of the 2017 tax reform bill continue to be implemented, amended or repealed. In particular, the SBLC will work to make the estate tax exemption provisions permanent and to significantly increase the threshold levels contained in 199A in order to reduce complexity. Finally, the SBLC will focus on supporting efforts to improve the critical infrastructure upon which all Americans, including small businesses, rely and expanding opportunities to rural communities. 


“As a non-partisan association that, through its members and their members, represents all sectors of the economy and a significant swath of the country’s small businesses, we believe that the SBLC has a unique role to play this year in helping the divided Congress reach bi-partisan solutions to real world problems,” said Mr. Rosenbusch.  Adds SBLC President and General Counsel, Paula Calimafde “uncertainty is extremely difficult for small businesses. Whether it be a lack of clarity over what taxes a business will owe or a concern over whether there will be enough workers to meet demand, small and closely held businesses play a critical role in our economy, and it is critical that our laws and systems are set up to help them thrive and not create unnecessary barriers to their success.”


The SBLC is an independent, permanent coalition of national trade and professional associations whose goal is to maximize the advocacy and presence of small business on Federal legislative and regulatory policy issues, and to disseminate information on the impact of public policy on small businesses.  

February 20, 2019


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