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ICYMI: GCCA Launches 2 NEW Grassroots Campaigns in September

September has been a busy month for GCCA’s grassroots efforts as we have launched 2 new campaigns focusing on the Pro Act and potential tax increases on your business. The PRO Act campaign focuses on Democrats new effort to utilize the $3.5 Trillion Budget Reconciliation Bill to attempt to pass some of the harmful PRO Act provisions. These provisions include excessive penalties, unnecessary restrictions negatively impacting opportunities for gig workers and limiting employer free speech, and $5 million aimed at replacing secret ballot in union representation elections with phone-based voting— which would expose employees to union intimidation. The provisions will force unions on workers by taking away opportunities to work in the gig economy, limit employees from hearing facts about unions and how union spend or misspend employees dues, and intimidate small business owners to force them to yield to union demands. In addition, we launched a campaign to oppose Senator Wyden’s Small Business Tax Fairness Act. This piece of legislation is anything but fair to small businesses as it will impose a tax hike by limiting the Small Business Deductions. This tax hike would hurt small businesses’ ability to reinvest money back into new jobs, higher wages, and business growth at a time when small businesses are just beginning to recover from shutdowns and restrictions. Specifically, GCCA is concerned about the limitations it places on the Section 199A tax deduction, which allows pass-through businesses to take a deduction of up to 20 percent for qualified business income. This deduction allows you to invest more in employee compensation, new hires, capital, or other avenues for business growth.

If you haven’t taken action on these campaigns yet, we encourage you to do so by clicking below!

PRO Act Campaign - TAKE ACTION

Small Business Tax Fairness Act Campaign - TAKE ACTION

September 23, 2021

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