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Marubeni Invests in GridMarket, LLC, a U.S. Company Providing Development Support Services for Distributed Energy Resources Projects

On April 3rd, Marubeni Corporation (hereinafter, “Marubeni”) invested in GridMarket, LLC (hereinafter, “GridMarket”), a United States-based company that provides development support services to projects involved in distributed energy resources (hereinafter, “DER”)*.

Founded in 2014, GridMarket’s distributed energy project platform uses proprietary analytics and machine learning to identify compelling opportunities and recommend best-fit renewable and distributed solutions like battery storage, solar PV, fuel cells, and combined heat and power. The platform’s unique approach leverages billions of data points to automate and streamline traditional alternative energy feasibility and development processes. Through the cooperation with GridMarket, Marubeni will be able to identify the most efficient and cost-effective project opportunities, and also source best-fit technologies which will enable Marubeni to provide the most appropriate DER solutions to its extensive network.

Recently, vulnerabilities and the environmental impact caused by large-scale centralized power generation has become a prominent social issue. In order to address issues like this one, Marubeni has been developing various solar energy businesses for over 20 years, and is currently promoting the implementation of DER solutions to its customers and affiliates in various global regions, primarily North America and Japan. Through this investment, Marubeni will apply GridMarket’s services in North America and Japan, and to island areas that greatly benefit from implementing DER systems. By discovering potential DER projects and providing best-fit DER solutions in such areas, Marubeni will proactively expand its DER business. In doing so, Marubeni will provide such positive value as reduced electricity bills for consumers and BCP countermeasures, as well as the promotion of ESG investments, thus striving to achieve a society with low environmental impact, and high energy efficiency.

(*) Distributed Energy Resources (DER) is in industry term that refers to local small-scale power generation and storage facilities. DER systems usually use renewable energy sources like solar power. This concept is relative to mainstreamlarge-scale centralized power sources. 


Company Name :GridMarket, LLC
Location :New York, New York, USA
Establishment :2014
Business Description :Providing a platform /market place which enables the users to
source and execute DER projects.
HP :

May 13, 2019


Distributed Energy Resources
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