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President Biden Releases First Budget Request

On Friday, April 9, 2021 President Biden released his first budget, which called on Congress to provide $769 billion for non-defense programs and $753 billion in national defense funding for the upcoming fiscal year. That amounts to a 16 percent increase over current funding levels for domestic programs — bringing that total to 3.3 percent of GDP — while providing just a 1.7 percent increase for the military.  Of note, President Biden has called for an increase in funding to the following Departments/Agencies:

  • United States Department of Agriculture - Biden proposes $27.8 billion for USDA in FY22, a $3.8 billion increase from FY21. Within the USDA budget increase, Biden calls for expanded broadband access and assistance to rural communities to use clean energy.
  • Environmental Protection Agency – Biden proposes $11.2 billion for the EPA in FY22, a $2 billion increase from FY21. This increase includes about $110 million to restore hundreds of positions left vacant after employees left the agency in recent years.
  • Department of Labor – Biden proposes $14.2 billion in funding for DOL in FY22, a $1.7 billion increase from FY21. Some of these funds would focus on restaffing to enhance their ability to perform inspections and conduct investigations for worker safety.
  • Department of Transportation – Biden proposes $25.6 billion for DOT in FY22, a $317 million increase from FY21. However, the request provides a $3.2 billion or 14-percent increase for DOT discretionary programs. This discretionary request is aimed to expand access to high-quality transportation options and protect and build upon existing infrastructure.
  • Department of Health and Human Services – Biden proposes $131.7 billion for HHS in FY22, a $25 billion increase from FY21.

Read the full budget request HERE.

April 15, 2021

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