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Recalibrating & Managing Performance During a Crisis

Are you wondering how hard to push your employees right now? Several of our clients are quickly realizing they can’t expect that same level of “Superstar” performance from their employees right now. Parents might be working from home with their younger children. Other team members may not have ideal office space not to mention roommates who are also working with them at home. And this doesn’t even speak to everyone’s increased anxiety and our understandable distractions constantly looking for and listening to news reports, community updates, and the like as the Coronavirus crisis continues. Most organizations are also now rethinking their strategic goals for the year. They aren’t likely to achieve what they planned for and budgeted at the beginning of the year, so many are recalibrating around a new set of more realistic and practical objectives, or completely different strategic goals altogether. What does this all mean for managing employee performance then? The following are several key principles for considering how best to engage employees in your business-critical work and provide the feedback and direction they need to be successful during the crisis.

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May 15, 2020


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