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Sanitary & Safe Food Transportation During a Pandemic

Logo - Certified Cold Carrier (TM)Publicly demonstrate your company's commitment to the sanitary and safe shipment of perishables with the Certified Cold CarrierTM program

Always important... just more so during a global pandemic

The Certified Cold Carrier program is a formal program aligning asset-based* cold carriers and personnel with IRTA’s Refrigerated Transportation Best Practices Guide. The program will:

►   Help you review and improve company practices for the sanitary and safe shipment of perishables.

►   Drive management and driver commitment to safety.

►   Demonstrate your organization’s commitment to the sanitary transport of food.

►   Differentiate your organization from its competitors as an industry leader.

►   Show your dedication to furthering the transportation and supply chain industries.


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Or for more information, contact:
Jeffrey H. Greenwald, P.E., CAE
Manager of Credentialing Programs
Direct: (703) 203-3057

*Not an asset-based cold carrier? Just ask the carriers you use to become certified.


June 29, 2020


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