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Stockhabo, a Constellation Cold Logistics Company, Break Grounds For New Expansion

Stockhabo recently announced that groundwork will start in March for the construction of a new high bay warehouse. The new building, which will have a capacity of 28,500 pallets, will be fully automated and will use 50% less energy than a conventional freezer. The first pallets are expected in June 2022.


Stockhabo, a Constellation Cold Logistics company, is strategically located in Mouscron, Belgium, close to major transport networks, deep-sea ports, and the border with France. The addition of the new building will increase total capacity to over 185,000 pallet positions.


Stockhabo is a member of Constellation Cold Logistics, which comprises leading cold storage and logistics companies across Europe. Stockhabo’s customers benefit from access to the facilities of sister companies Lintelo in the Netherlands, Glacio in Norway, and HSH Coldstores in the UK.


So that your products remain perfectly cooled. For more details, contact Stockhabo.

February 23, 2021

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